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    You there--the one who is about to hurl a bridal magazine across the room.Tired of reading about the same old wedding planning stuff? Well, you've come to the right place.

    When planning my wedding, I found that 99% of the information was oriented toward a typical, large, hometown wedding with all the trimmings. My thought after slogging through the umpteenth wedding planning book: "Hello? Do we all have to have exactly the same wedding!?"

    Information about less-traditional weddings is harder to come by (although it's getting better than it was 7 years ago). This page represents my desire to start putting that scarce info in one place. Make no mistake, I love traditional weddings, and believe tradition can provide some great guidance and add some real enrichment to your wedding. But tradition doesn't have to be a yoke around your neck. You can incorporate only those traditions that mean something to you, and then be a little creative for the rest. I hope this site can be a help.

    This site includes 3-4 pages of links, tips, and resources for planning unique nuptials. I've included small weddings, theme weddings, special weddings, and destination weddings. I apologize for the lack of snappy graphics, but my goal is to share as much info as I can. That means text, links, and nothing real fancy.

    Thanks for visiting; take your time wading through the links and ENJOY!

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